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Season 1

Jen Elizabeth

Season 2 Episode 10: Beneath the Surface of Sobriety Lies Trauma

Jen Elizabeth speaks openly about addiction recovery with an emphasis on the trauma that frequently underlies addiction and the emotional work required to stop using, develop new coping mechanisms, and begin to heal from trauma. Jen was raised in a cult where she was sexually abused by her pastor and neglected by her parents. She became addicted to alcohol and… Read More »Season 2 Episode 10: Beneath the Surface of Sobriety Lies Trauma

Truth and Consequences Miranda Pacchiana

Season 1 Episode 11: Season 1 Wrap-Up

Miranda shares her thoughts about the podcast’s first season…her mission for the show,  what she’s learned since episode one, and what’s coming up next season. She recalls each of her uniquely wonderful guests and the valuable lessons they imparted. Find the Truth & Consequences website, Facebook page, Instagram & Twitter accounts. Find the Second Wound website, Facebook page, Instagram &… Read More »Season 1 Episode 11: Season 1 Wrap-Up

Truth and Consequences Complicated Grief Nicole Potter

Season 1 Episode 10: Complicated Grief

Nicole Potter was devastated when her best friend Kimberly died suddenly and under confusing circumstances. At first, Nicole was told it was suicide but the case was never officially resolved. In this interview, we learn about the ways Kimberly and Nicole supported each other through life’s challenges and how Nicole is navigating life after her friend’s death–which includes carrying on… Read More »Season 1 Episode 10: Complicated Grief

Truth and Consequences Kathryn Robb

Season 1 Episode 9: Fighting for Fairness

Kathryn Robb, attorney, survivor, and advocate for sexual assault victims, tells Miranda about the recent and rapid improvements in statutes of limitations for sex crimes in states across the country, and why these changes are so sorely needed. Kathryn Robb is a lawyer, legislative advocate, and law instructor who has been fighting to pass meaningful child sex abuse legislation for… Read More »Season 1 Episode 9: Fighting for Fairness

Jamie Sivrais Truth and Consequences

Season 1 Episode 8: Protected & Paying it Forward

Jamie Sivrais, founder of the non-profit A Voice for the Innocent tells his personal story of being emotionally supported by family members and finding justice after he suffered abuse as a child. Jamie goes on to describe his organization’s unique storytelling platform for sexual violence survivors and the desire to pay it forward that inspired him. Jamie Sivrais is the… Read More »Season 1 Episode 8: Protected & Paying it Forward

Truth and Consequences Emanuella Israel

Season 1 Episode 6: Speaking Freely

Artist & writer Emanuella Israel created an honest, healthy life for herself despite growing up stifled by domestic violence. She explains why she’s determined to speak her truth, shed the shame she once carried, and empower other women to join her in loving their bodies and themselves. See Emanuella’s gorgeous artwork on her website, Etsy store, and Instagram account. Emanuella… Read More »Season 1 Episode 6: Speaking Freely

Truth and Consequences

Season 1 Episode 4: Silenced

  • Season 1

Miranda reads a letter from a listener whose brothers sexually abused her when she was a child. “Silenced” details her experience of the second wound: her family members’ hurtful responses when she tried to address the abuse with them. Miranda responds with advice, information, and words of support. Miranda created the website The Second Wound to offer comfort and information… Read More »Season 1 Episode 4: Silenced

Truth and Consequences Steve Martin

Season 1 Episode 3: Safe Spaces

Steve Martin talks with Miranda about his work as CEO of Love146, a non-profit that combats child trafficking & exploitation and provides care for survivors around the globe. Learn more about the exciting work Love146 is accomplishing worldwide. Steve is Co-Founder & President of Infused Impact Inc., a non-profit organization formed in 2019 to reduce poverty by helping to launch… Read More »Season 1 Episode 3: Safe Spaces

Truth and Consequences David Wheeler

Season 1 Episode 2: Lessons in Loss

  • Season 1

A frank conversation with my insightful and honest friend David Wheeler whose 6-year-old son, Ben was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012. David has a lot to say about grief, navigating life after loss, and how our own personal reactions sometimes prevent us from truly supporting others in the wake of trauma and sadness. Learn about… Read More »Season 1 Episode 2: Lessons in Loss

Season 1 Episode 1: The Second Wound

Host Miranda Pacchiana, MSW talks about the aftermath of trauma from several perspectives--as a sexual abuse survivor, personal coach, and resident of Sandy Hook, Connecticut, site of the 2012 school shooting. The podcast will offer information, compassion, and hope to trauma survivors, emphasizing the ways we grow when we face our truth, take care ofRead More »Season 1 Episode 1: The Second Wound