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Episode 5: Digging up the past with Survivor Erica Dziedzic

Erica Dziedzic is an anthropologist and a survivor of both domestic violence and child sexual abuse. Erica realized only recently that the emotional and physical pain which has plagued her for years are actually symptoms of PTSD. She now writes and speaks openly about her work to heal from two abusive relationships and the family of origin who failed to support her, as well as the healthy life she ended up creating for herself.

Read Erica’s work and learn more about her story on her website, Writing Out Loud.

Truth and Consequences Erica Dziedzic

Erica is an anthropologist, mother, writer, and survivor. She began writing about coming to terms with her traumatic past not long ago, and her work has been published in Scary Mommy, The Mighty, and Say It, Survivor.

Erica writes honestly about connecting the dots between her self-destructive patterns and the trauma she endured at the hands of an abusive husband and an adolescent boyfriend when she was only 13. She describes the strength she summoned to leave her first husband years ago, the gradual realization that she deserved to be treated better, and how it felt to embrace the truth and begin the work of healing from a traumatic past.


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