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Season 1 Episode 6: Speaking Freely

Artist & writer Emanuella Israel created an honest, healthy life for herself despite growing up stifled by domestic violence. She explains why she’s determined to speak her truth, shed the shame she once carried, and empower other women to join her in loving their bodies and themselves.

See Emanuella’s gorgeous artwork on her website, Etsy store, and Instagram account.

Truth and Consequences Emanuella Israel

Emanuella Israel is an artist, a writer, a nanny, and a former Montessori teacher. She creates images and products through her website Souls for Eccentricity and her shop on Etsy. Her artwork has been included in numerous art shows and exhibitions in Chicago and San Francisco, and her prints and merchandise have been displayed and sold in coffee shops and restaurants around Chicago, and her journalistic writings have been published in the US and abroad. She’s a Chicago native currently living in San Francisco.

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