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Episode 38: Somatic Therapy for Trauma Survivors with Carol Hodson

Carol’s first visit to the podcast was super popular with listeners and I’m thrilled to have her back. She talks about what she calls “stealth mental health”, simple practices of somatic experiencing therapy for trauma survivors that can help us get unstuck from trauma symptoms, especially in the early weeks, days, and even hours after an event. Carol was part of a crisis team dispatched to Florida to help victims of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian. She also helped me apply some stealth mental health with a friend who went through a sudden trauma. I’ll tell you about that too. 

Show Notes

Visit the Somatic Experiencing Institute’s website and view Carol’s page in the directory. Also check out the handy poster illustrating the SCOPE method which is offered in English, Spanish, and other languages. 

Our beautiful theme song is written & performed by Maddie Morris and produced by Pete Ord at Haystack Records.

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