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Season 1 Episode 9: Fighting for Fairness

Kathryn Robb, attorney, survivor, and advocate for sexual assault victims, tells Miranda about the recent and rapid improvements in statutes of limitations for sex crimes in states across the country, and why these changes are so sorely needed.

Truth and Consequences Kathryn RobbKathryn Robb is a lawyer, legislative advocate, and law instructor who has been fighting to pass meaningful child sex abuse legislation for 14 years in multiple jurisdictions. As an outspoken survivor of child sexual abuse, Kathryn continues to use her voice to implement common-sense legislative change.  Kathryn worked closely with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, his staff and New York state legislators to finally pass the New York Child Victims Act, after a 12-year hard-fought battle the bill was signed into law on February 14, 2019.

Kathryn is also the Executive Director of Child USAdvocacy. She holds a Master of Science (MS) in Clinical Counseling and Applied Psychology. She works with the MassKids Enough Abuse campaign’s training the trainer program. She’s a school basketball coach and a mother of five who lives with her wife and children in the Boston metro area.

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