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Episode 27: The Brave Women Behind The Keepers

If you have watched the Netflix documentary series The Keepers you will recognize our three guests today: Gemma Hoskins, Abbie Schaub and Teresa Lancaster. Each of these brave, determined, morally upstanding women played a vital role in uncovering the horrific crimes and coverups at the heart of the documentary. If you haven’t seen The Keepers, the episode intro will fill you in. And our guests will inspire you with their strength and unending fight for justice.

Show Notes

Find the Truth & Consequences website, Facebook page, Instagram & Twitter accounts. Find the Second Wound website, Facebook page, Instagram & Twitter accounts. Learn about personal coaching with host Miranda Pacchiana, MSW on the Second Wound website coaching page.

Read updates from The Keepers story on the Facebook group “The Keepers Official Group – Justice for Catherine Cesnik and Joyce Malecki”.

Learn about the legislative strategy to reform Maryland’s statute of limitation laws and sign up for news notifications. (It will be updated soon as they prep for the 2023 legislative term.)

Consider contributing to The Sister Cathy Cesnik Fund for Survivors, Inc.

Read Gemma Hoskins’ memoir, Keeping On: How I came to Know Why I Was Born

Read Teresa Lancaster’s memoir, Safe in Socks

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