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Episode 31: Sexual Abuse Lawsuits: Your Legal Questions Answered with Kathryn Robb, Esq. Part 3

In this last episode of our 3-part special series all about civil lawsuits for child sexual abuse, attorney Kathryn Robb and I discuss depositions (what they’re for, who’s present, advice on being deposed), defense tactics and strategies, impeachment of witnesses (casting doubt on plaintiff’s credibility, trauma and memory, dissociation, abuse disclosure), legal abuse, trial preference provisions, chances of going to trial, Chapter 11 bankruptcies, settlements, NDAs, collecting on awards, the trial experience, pros and cons of mediation, taxable versus non-taxable jury awards, and counterclaims.

We end with a list of thoughtful tips on how to care for yourself suggested by Kathryn who is currently suing her older brother for sexual abuse under the NY Child Victims Act.

Our beautiful theme song is written & performed by Maddie Morris and produced by Pete Ord at Haystack Records.

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