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Episode 32: Andrew Pledger: Recovering from A Christian Cult

Andrew Pledger is 22 years old and on a mission to spread the word about religious trauma after being raised in a fundamentalist Christian cult. He has a gripping story to tell about coming to terms with the harm his family’s religion caused him and the extra layers of shame and fear he carried due to his LGBTQ+ status. He’ll tell us about the controversial interview he gave to podcaster Josh Harris that got him expelled from Bob Jones University, and his mission to better understand religious trauma in order to heal himself and offer help to other survivors of cults and toxic religions. Andrew Pledger is an influencer, podcaster, activist, writer, and religion recovery coach using social media to share his story and inspire others. 

Show Notes

Andrew’s podcast is Speaking Up with Andrew Pledger. Follow him on Instagram at 4ndrewpledger, Twitter @4ndrewpledger, and Facebook @4ndrewpledger.    

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