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Episode 34: The ‘Troubled Teen’ Industry (Continued)

Kathryn Robb and I continue speaking with highly knowledgeable survivor/advocates, Chelsea Maldonado and Amanda Simmons who educate us on the so-called ‘troubled teen’ industry, an under-regulated system of residential youth treatment facilities that use behavior modification and abusive tactics on minors. Last week, Chelsea told us her story. This week, it’s Amanda’s turn.

Show Notes

Donate to CHILD USAdvocacy and CHILD USA. They could use your support for their highly targeted work preventing child abuse and neglect.

Sign the petition to close Provo Canyon School launched by Paris Hilton.

Learn more about the TTI. Listen to the Trapped In Treatment podcast, explore the organized movement’s website Breaking Code Silence, and plug in the hashtag #BreakingCodeSilence. I also recommend the full documentary, This is Paris.

Find Amanda Simmons on Twitter @aosimmons_law

Find Chelsea Maldonado on Twitter @yep4rights

Find Kathryn Robb’s non-profit organization at the CHILD USAdvocacy website, and their sister organization is CHILD USA, headed by the esteemed UPenn professor Marci Hamilton.

Our beautiful theme song is written & performed by Maddie Morris and produced by Pete Ord at Haystack Records.

Find the Truth & Consequences website, Facebook page, Instagram & Twitter accounts. Find the Second Wound website, Facebook page, Instagram & Twitter accounts. Learn about personal coaching with host Miranda Pacchiana, MSW on the Second Wound website coaching page.  Donate to help cover my production costs through Paypal @Miranda-Pacchiana or Venmo @mirandapacchiana1

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