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Episode 33: The ‘Troubled Teen’ Industry with Survivors Chelsea Maldonado and Amanda Simmons, Part 1

Our guests on this episode are survivor/advocates, Chelsea Maldonado and Amanda Simmons who educate us on the so-called ‘troubled teen’ industry: a system of residential youth treatment facilities & programs. Many of these facilities operate more like prisons where children as young as nine are routinely abused in an extreme system of behavior modification, prevented from telling their parents what’s going on, and kept for unnecessarily long stretches while reaping enormous revenue for the facilities. Thousands of minors are in these places today, in America and abroad. Listen, and learn how you can help.

Paris Hilton recently came forward about the traumatic experiences she endured at Provo Canyon School (and several wilderness programs), and her voice helped spark an interest in the movement against the troubled teen industry from concerned politicians and the public, known as #Breaking Code Silence.

Show Notes

Sign the petition to close Provo Canyon School launched by Paris Hilton.

Learn more about the TTI. Listen to the Trapped In Treatment podcast, explore the organized movement’s website Breaking Code Silence, and plug in the hashtag #BreakingCodeSilence. I also recommend the full documentary, This is Paris.

Find Amanda Simmons on Twitter @aosimmons_law

Find Chelsea Maldonado on Twitter @yep4rights

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