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Dr. Judith Herman Truth and Repair

Episode 37: Dr. Judith Herman on Truth and Repair

What would true justice look like for survivors of interpersonal trauma? Acknowledgement, validation, accountability for offenders, support from their communities, and offender rehabilitation. The renowned and beloved author, psychiatrist, and researcher Dr. Judith Herman has an invigorating discussion with us about her new book, Truth and Repair: How Trauma Survivors Envision Justice. Show Notes Dr. Judith Herman’s book, Truth and… Read More »Episode 37: Dr. Judith Herman on Truth and Repair

Truth and Consequences Erica Dziedzic

Episode 5: Digging up the past with Survivor Erica Dziedzic

Erica Dziedzic is an anthropologist and a survivor of both domestic violence and child sexual abuse. Erica realized only recently that the emotional and physical pain which has plagued her for years are actually symptoms of PTSD. She now writes and speaks openly about her work to heal from two abusive relationships and the family of origin who failed to… Read More »Episode 5: Digging up the past with Survivor Erica Dziedzic

Episode 1: The Second Wound

Host Miranda Pacchiana, MSW talks about the aftermath of trauma from several perspectives--as a sexual abuse survivor, personal coach, and resident of Sandy Hook, Connecticut, site of the 2012 school shooting. The podcast will offer information, compassion, and hope to trauma survivors, emphasizing the ways we grow when we face our truth, take care ofRead More »Episode 1: The Second Wound