Talking Trauma & Treatment La Shanda Sugg

Season 2 Episode 1: Talking Trauma & Treatment

Talking Trauma & Treatment: La Shanda Sugg is a licensed professional counselor, trainer, and consultant specializing in trauma therapies. She is also a trauma survivor herself who is dedicated to her own ongoing healing work. La Shanda owns Labors of Love Counseling and Consulting LLC in Ohio and she’s the host of the Labors of Love podcast. We discuss the… Read More »Season 2 Episode 1: Talking Trauma & Treatment

Truth and Consequences Steve Martin

Season 1 Episode 3: Safe Spaces

Steve Martin talks with Miranda about his work as CEO of Love146, a non-profit that combats child trafficking & exploitation and provides care for survivors around the globe. But first, Miranda tells a story about the first year after she disclosed her own child sexual abuse, the symptoms she experienced as she worked through this acute healing phase, and the… Read More »Season 1 Episode 3: Safe Spaces